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Our concept aims at and is specialized on patients suffering from Diabetes mellitus, high levels of blood fats, uric acid, chronic pain syndrome, diverse cardiac diseases, hypertension,  gastritis,  etc. and who are looking for dietary education, pain therapy, stress management, orthomolecular and antiaging treatment.

Our Survival System




1. of diseases e.g. diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, apoplexy, hypertension, chronic gastrointestinal and chronic lung diseases

2. of deterioration of pre-existing diseases

This includes:
Diagnostic procedures on latest scientific standards as laboratory, imaging, specialized medical examination, depending on the disease

Special Services

– Special Pain Therapy

One of 5 adults suffer from chronic pain worldwide.

„Pain is what the person who experienced the pain,
feels as pain and is given whenever the person says that it is so.“
(Margo MacCaffrey, RN 1980)

Pain therapy includes:
– Assessment of pain perception
– Accurate assessment of pain
– Treatment of neuropathic and nociceptive pain
– Importance of self-care in the treatment of pain

– Orthomolecular Therapy

How can it be,

that we feel healthy,

although our body is not working properly?

The complex control system of the body can compensate for much. Thus two-thirds of an organ function can be lost due to disease, before we even realize it. Consequently Symptoms include expression of an already long existing disorder in the body.

To maintain its organ functions, the body needs diverse sources of life. Some have been discovered only recently.

These include the so-called micronutrients that develop divers effects in the body`s metabolism.

Here they are required for important cellular functions. Our genes  might be started or stopped with their help.

In our age food must be preserved, so it does not go bad too fast. Much of the micronutrients are lost through industrial food processing.

Our task is to uncover defects biochemically and by the history-taking and then replace the necessary materials.

– Dietary Advice

Treatment content

1. Recognition of obesity cause:
• Exclusion of a genetic predisposition to obesity
• Endocrine Cause:
– growth hormone deficiency
– Cushing‘s disease
– Hypothyroidism
– Insulinoma
• Medicines that trigger obesity
• Wrong diet · Socio-cultural factors
• Eating disorder
• Lack of physical activity

2. Diet, weight, family history, previous treatment attempts, current exercise and nutritional behavior

3. providing information on the risk factors for health

4. Development of an individual plan with multifactorial approach

– Anti-Aging Medicine

supports personalized medicine.

It is characterized by the progress of genetic diagnostics. The result of genetic diagnostics should enable in future the knowledge of individual genetic disposition including all health-related polymorphisms.

• The prevention of diabetes mellitus II in the context of personalized medicine includes the early detection of Insulin resistance.
• Neuro prevention of dementia, depression and anxiety disorders.
• HRT in risk situations.
• Immune senescence, the immune system is aging.
How can it be kept ready for defense?
• The aging male.
• Osteoporosis.
• Epigenetics.
• Serotonin deficiency syndrome, affect sleep behavior, affective behavior, regulation of eating behavior

Classical medicine treats only the symptoms of already occurred diseases. The aim of anti-aging medicine is to specifically prevent chronic diseases or mitigate existing processes or slow them.

– Workplace Health Management

Treatment content

Experienced head lecturer of medicine and instructor at the chemical company BASF and medical supervisor and General Practitioner of about 300 employees of the Italian company IREM based in Sicily

This includes:

– problem detection,
– lifestyle change,
– psychosomatic factors that can lead to burnout
– stress management training
– travel medical consultation in foreign missions

Our Advantage

in contrast to large check-up centers you will find no clinical operation, but the personal atmosphere of a doctor‘s office. You are individually supervised by a doctor specialized in the field of your medical needs avoiding the inconvenience of going through several hospital departments before actual treatment. We are familiar and well versed with working with an international patient clientele – inter alia the following countries: Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Romania, Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan and Afghanistan.


-The organizational coordinator establishes contact with the patient

-The patient provides the organizational coordinator with information about focal health deficits and about previous points of the patient’s case study concerning that medical condition

-Additionally, the patient specifies a time frame available for treatment

-Based on this information, the medical coordinator in Germany sets up a treatment plan consisting of appointments with medical specialists that best fit the patient’s needs ranging from Heidelberg, Mannheim, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, to Berlin, only medical specialists, who provide the highest degree of competence in the medical field of concern, will be included in the plan of treatment.

The organizational coordinator accompanies the patient from when he arrives in Germany to the end of his treatment plan. Furthermore, the patient will be assisted planning his stay, including hotel and transportation booking and organizing recreational activities.

Upon arrival and hotel check-in, the patient is received by the medical coordinator. This is where the medical coordinator interviews the patient about his/her personal information and medical history  and conducts laboratory tests in order to potentially detect further medical deficits.

The medical coordinator is provided with the results obtained during specialist treatment and will discuss those with the patient. Prevention methods that are to stabilize diseases and to prevent further ailments will be designed based on those results.


-Medical bills will be generated based on the German medical fee system. Every specialist included will set up his on medical bills and will be paid in cash.

-The medical coordinator will invoice her medical treatment and all organizational efforts.

-The organizational coordinator will also charge his endeavor and assistance.

-In case of further questions and concerns the medical coordinator is still available to contact after leaving Germany – as a matter of course all communication will be held in English and Arabic


Dr. Dagmar Binder


• Environmental Medicine (Landesärztekammer Baden-Württemberg)

• Infectious Diseases (Landesärztekammer Hessen)

• palliative care (Landesärztekammer Hessen)

• Psychosomatic primary care (Landesärztekammer Hessen)

• Special Pain Therapy (Landesärztekammer Hessen)

• Nutritional Medicine (Landesärztekammer Hessen)

• Hypertension (German Hypertension Society)

• Travel Medicine (German Tropical Medicine Society)

• Stress management trainer

• teaching practice at the University of Heidelberg

• Quality Management System Certificate of Praxissiegel Foundation

Curriculum vitae


Dr. med. Dagmar Binder

Gutenbergstraße 53
D-68775 Ketsch / bei Heidelberg
Telefon    : +49 (0) 6202 – 61 632
Fax          : +49 (0) 6202 – 64 567
Mobil       : +49 (0) 160 – 96 65 80 82

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    Dr. med. Dagmar Binder
    Gutenbergstraße 53
    D-68775 Ketsch am Rhein
    Telefon: 06202- 61 632
    Fax: 06202- 64 567

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    Our concept aims at and is specialized on patients suffering from Diabetes mellitus, high levels of blood fats, uric acid, chronic pain syndrome, diverse cardiac diseases, gastritis etc., and who are looking for education on pain therapy, stress management, orthomolecular and antiaging treatment..
    Relieving yourself to silence will lead to inner freedom and scope from within.
    In case our concept convinced you that we will jointly work on a successful treatment plan and will provide the assistance that is best for you and your health feel free to contact us.